Tuesday, May 18, 2010

134 St. Marks - a really ugly building

I spent two years watching this building go up. Maaaaaaan was it a disappointment when it was done. I remember, about halfway through it's construction, I asked one of the carpenters about it. His reply was: "It's going to be killer-- it's going to blow every other building on the block out of the water!" Thanks for the warning, hard hat guy. It certainly does suck.

I think the building has two main problems: It tries to do too much, and it tries to do it cheaply. Those metal panels should have been outlawed 20 years ago. They're everywhere, and they never look anything but cheap and flimsy. And what's the deal with the balconies? They're like 12" deep. It would be okay maybe as just French doors, except the balconies are solid, so they don't even give you the feeling of openness that a French door would give. Nor could one use them as a real balcony, for, say, grilling or drinking games. Fuck you, 134 St. Marks!


  1. not as ugly as the first one, but definitely worthy of the blog. What was at the site before they put up this box?

  2. Dunno, man. When I moved in to 10 Prospect in '06 it was under construction, but it took like three years for them to finish it.